Pathways III: Visual-Musical Variations

Color Video with Stereo Sound .. (1980) .. 9:05

This work displays abstract visuals which are reflections and extensions of the music, a non-pitched percussion piece consisting entirely of recorded tap-dance sounds. In producing the images, changes in the loudness of the music (converted to triggers and voltages) were used to control video motion and color. There was considerable shaping of the control signals and the video parameters, so that the music-image relationships vary from synchronous to nearly independent. The work is in the form of seven variations, all but the last unedited both sonically and visually.



Production, Direction, Camera, Video, Image Processing, Music, Editing: Reynold Weidenaar

Recorded Tap Dancer: Paulette Sears

Video Production Assistant: Peer Bode

Audio Engineer: Bob Bielecki

Assistant Audio Engineer: Ron Kuivila

Video Production assistance provided by the Experimental Television Center, Owego, N.Y., which is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. ETC video computer design by David Jones and Paul Davis.

Audio production at ZBS Media, Fort Edward, N.Y.

Copyright © 1980 by Magnetic Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP).