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Institutional purchase orders are accepted.


Musicians may present public performances of these concert videos without payment of a license fee directly to the publisher. Performing rights are controlled by ASCAP, which requires a license from the hall or presenting organization (or, in their absence, the performer). Many halls or their controlling organizations already have blanket licenses. Contact ASCAP, 1 Lincoln Plaza, New York, NY 10023, tel. 212-621-6000, fax 212-595-3276, e-mail Licensing information is at

Concert Video Performance Kits:
1. Concert Version Video DVD (USA NTSC system).
2. Rehearsal CD, with video soundtrack for rehearsal and recorded performance for study.
3. Concert Videos Setup & Test DVD (color bars, A=440Hz tuning tone, and L-R noise bursts for speaker balance).
NOTE: High-quality printing at one's own computer is now so widely available that MMPC no longer distributes copies of Performance Scores. Please print your own Performance Score from the PDF file on this web site. You may also wish to print a copy of Instructions for Video/Audio Setup.
Because the Performance Kit now consists of three disks, shipping within the U.S. is now free.

Quantity Title
Price Cost 
  Love of Line, of Light and Shadow: The Brooklyn Bridge--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  Night Flame Ritual--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  The Stillness--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  The Thundering Scream of the Seraphim's Delight--supplied with score and performance part--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  Long River--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  Long into the Night, Heavenly Electrical Music Flowed Out of the Street--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  Swing Bridge--NTSC System DVD. $65.00  
  Hang Time 2 on Jones Street --NTSC System DVD. Score Available in Four Versions.:
_____ Full Score in C
_____ Full Score in Bb
_____ Performance Part for Trombone

_____ Performance Part for Bb Clarinet

Waves--NTSC System DVD.

Quantity Title Price Cost 
  Magic Music from the Telharmonium--NTSC System DVD. $35.00  
  Magic Music from the Telharmonium: Storyboard Script--80 pages, prong binding. $10.00  
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Institutional purchase orders accepted.
You will receive an itemized invoice.
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