Hang Time 2 on Jones Street
Swing Bridge
Long into the Night, Heavenly Electrical Music Flowed Out of the Street
Long River
The Thundering Scream of the Seraphim's Delight
The Stillness
Night Flame Ritual
Love of Line, of Light and Shadow: The Brooklyn Bridge
Telharmonium Historical Documents
Magic Music from the Telharmonium (Video)
Magic Music from the Telharmoniunm (Book)
Magic Music from the Telharmonium Video Storyboard Script
Magic Music from the Telharmonium Video Production Paper
Between the Motion and the Act Falls the Shadow
Pathways III: Visual-Musical Variations
How To Protect Your Home from Frequency Modulation!
Wavelines II: Three Visual-Musical Compositions
Electric Air, for Rock Band and Orchestra
Electronic Music
Funny Tape Pieces
Tape Pieces
LP Records
Commercial Spots
Program Covers 1981-85