Between the Motion and the Act Falls the Shadow

Color Video with Stereo Sound ..(1981) ..5:31

with Vicki Stern

An exploration of interrelated images, dance, and music. The image of dancer Vicki Stern is reproduced electronically in a variety of forms and color schemes. Digital and analog processing of visuals and sounds evoke a sometimes muted, sometimes intense kinetic energy, and the shadowy world between these extremes. The music is drawn largely from the recorded footfalls of bharata-natyam dancer Lauren Paul. It frequently controls the motion of the image and the color changes. During the videotaping sessions, the image processing was done live, and Ms. Stern viewed it and choreographed to it as she danced.



Reynold Weidenaar: Production, Direction, Camera, Video, Image Processing, Music, Co-Editing.

Vicki Stern: Choreography, Dance, Co-Editing.

Music: “Imprint: Footfalls to Return,” Lauren Paul, Recorded Dancer; Pamela Hinchman, Recorded Soprano.

Production assistance provided by the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY.

Video computer design by David Jones and Paul Davis.

Post-Production at Young Filmakers/Video Arts, Philip O'Reilly, Engineer.